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Blue mussels are generally smaller, have a stronger taste and different texture, and are consumed in many countries overseas but don't fit within the New Zealand $170 million green lipped mussel The blue mussel production in Europe is around 700 – 800,000 tons per year, where Spain, Italy, Denmark and France are the largest producers. About 75% of the production is Mytilus edulis and about 550,000 tons are farmed shells. The blue mussel market is a well-established fastidious and demanding market. There were mussels, mussels, and more mussels. Steamed mussels, baked mussels, smoked mussels, mussel chowder. You could get it all.

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Recipes. Work-related visits to marketers and processors long ago gave me the impression that the people right at the top really didn't have a passion for seafood, and were inclined There were green mussels – with smiley faces – dancing on the roof. The Mussel Pot in Havelock, New Zealand serving up green lipped mussel. But…you can’t judge a book by its cover and all that jazz so in I went.

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As well as having a great taste, The New Zealand green-lipped mussel is said to be an anti inflammatory and is used for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and to prevent sore muscles after exercise, it is sold as a dietary supplement in capsule Green lip mussels; Green lip mussels get their name from the green color at the corner of their shells. Like the Mediterranean mussels, they are also large in size with a natural ocean flavor. Green lip mussels are common in New Zealand. Blue mussels; Blue mussels are the most common type of mussels.

Blue mussels vs green mussels

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Blue mussels vs green mussels

There are many kinds of mussels, both freshwater and saltwater, but the variety that is most likely to land on your plate is the blue mussel. Also known as edible mussels, these creatures live in Green-lipped mussels are native to the waters of New Zealand and surrounding areas and the majority of this type of mussel is produced in New Zealand.

Blue mussels vs green mussels

Our blue mussel allergy test is used to check for allergic reactions to the blue mussel's meat. If allergic to blue mussels, some cross-reactivity to oysters, Ostrea edulis, can usually also be expected.
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Blue mussels vs green mussels

However, blue mussels didn’t become popular in US kitchens until World War II, when the US Government pushed canned mussels on a nation eagerly trying to avoid food shortages. In the 1970s, mussel aquaculture got its start in North America, and the mussel’s popularity continues to grow in the US. I really only ever see raw feeders talking about blue and green lipped mussels, but the mussels local to where I live are bay mussels.

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Like the Mediterranean mussels, they are also large in size with a natural ocean flavor. Green lip mussels are common in New Zealand. Blue mussels; Blue mussels are the most common type of mussels. That mussel is the Hollander & DeKoning Dutch style mussel out of Maine. Both are Blue Mussels from the North Atlantic, but their cultivation methods differ and so does their merroir. These distinctions set them apart in flavor and in quality. A mussel overview.

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We specialize in fresh seafood and strive. 5 Mar 2003 Cultivated blue mussels on the East Coast most likely come from Maine or Greenshell mussels from New Zealand (Perna canaliculus) are less likely to be They are likely not being kept cold enough or damp enough. The lipid, FA, and sterol composition of the New Zealand green lipped mussel ( NZGLM, Perna canaliculus) and of the Tasmanian blue mussel (TBM, Mytilus  How does it work ? New Zealand green-lipped mussel might contain chemicals that help decrease swelling or inflammation. 26 Oct 2020 Mussels are subject to an ongoing debate about whether certification should be in the realm of fisheries or aquaculture.

Blue mussels have a distinctive rich, sweet taste, like a blend of oysters and clams. Mussels should look and smell fresh and have tightly closed shells.